5014 Rigobio Sbulitoon - Piggy bank

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Sbulitoon - milk chocolate lentils, small organic and colored candies Gluten Free

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Sbulitoon - children's favorite little dragees, full of color and rich in chocolate flavors,
the sweets are gluten-free and all the ingredients come from organic farming


Sweets presented in a reusable glass jar with "the piggy bank hat" in biodegradable plastic (PLA) / GENCOD 3700443003411



Dragée au chocolat avec 60% de chocolat au lait et 40% de dragées colorées
enrobage : sucre de canne brut*°, poudre de lait entier*, beurre de cacao*°, pâte de cacao*°, lactosérum en poudre*, amidon de riz*, glucose
sirop*,émulsifiant : lécithine de tournesol*, colorant alimentaire* (pomme concentré*, concentré de carotte*, concentré de jus de carotte noire*,
concentré de jus de betterave*, spiruline*), épaississant* (gomme arabique*), enrobage agent* (cire de carnauba*)

* Product from organic farming

Nutritional values: Average energy value for 100g: 479 Kcal (2014kj) Protein: 5.1 g Carbohydrates: 73.0 g Fat: 18 g Fat: 0.1 g

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