RIGOBIO Sbulicola - art.2820

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Liquorice-flavored candies. Without gluten , lactose ,

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Liquorice-flavored candies. A taste of liquorice delicately fruit with strawberry and coconut. Tender and tasty!
...... the favorite of children with a taste typical of coca, fresh lime - without caffeine!

Nutritional values:
Value average energy per 100g: 333 Kcal (1417kj) Protein: 4.8 g Carbohydrates: 77.3 g Fat: 0.1 g


Candies presented in a resealable and reusable container / GENCOD 3700443001004


* corn syrup, sugar cane * (unrefined), gelatin pork *, acid (citric acid), thickener (apple pectin),
caramelized sugar syrup *, natural flavourings, agents separators (coconut oil and palm oil, carnauba wax and bee).

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